Mercury & Virgin


Tra-La-La, it is such a trip trying to do anything with Mercury when it is gaily sliding backwards through the Universe, as it is right now.

I made an appointment to have cable installed, Virgin Cable, before checking what was going on in the ethers and it is all my fault, my own doing. I have landed in a pile hideousness.

It is quite fun this morning as 24 hours after installation I am calling to have it disconnected. The man is tying himself in knots trying to find a way around the fact that they do not say they don’t support Mac until it is all in and the Mac would like to be connected. I find 45 minutes on the phone to India totally unacceptable and now want the whole thing gone, much to the children’s annoyance because they loved the shape of the remote control.

Thank God for a practice right now. By that I mean I am really grateful that I do have a quiver of tools to turn to when it gets overwhelming. It, being this strange cloud of fear that has enveloped everything like a thick, warm fog. I do not think that I have used all the teachings as much as I do right now. And if you are struggling in any way, take up running, yoga, deep breathing, mantra or Tai Chi so that you can build up your nervous system and have some defences against the dark arts of the mind.

I was talking with a customer yesterday about how to separate from the endless drama going on inside. She was getting overwhelmed by her thinking and the discussion turned to the myriad of ways available now. My best suggestion was some kind of repetitive action like swimming or walking and a mantra.

Mantras do not have to be infinitely holy words. They can be positive affirmations like “ I am fine” , “The Universe is abundant”, “I am doing well’. Just the focus and the repetition will give you peace from the endless clattering till roll that we allow our minds to become.

So I took some time away and breathed deeply as I did my usual OCD session of changing everything around in the shop. I breathed deeply, started the mantra turning and tidied up the chaos I had run away from yesterday. By the end I felt clearer and rang Virgin Media again. Now, twenty minutes later, they can sort it all out, we are best friends, the kids get to keep the remote control and the Universe is a benevolent and abundant place despite Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and the man who earned $300,000,000 at Lehman Brothers over the past few years.