Things are improving, apparently….


Thank God, things are getting better, but it does not bode well for the Raw Diet. 6 Months in to be feeling so totally awful is quite surprising.

I had written a whole load of weblog in my head yesterday but did not get around to posting it, but it was based around the strange reality that ALL my blood tests were totally normal, including hormone levels. So not only am I totally healthy, I am also not at all menopausal. Not even in the very edge of it. Somewhat scary, being 100% fertile at 47. Plans are in the pipeline, if you know what I mean, to make sure that any more fertility is unfulfilled.

Otherwise I am making a concerted effort to be present. I have just started a book called The Power of Presence. He seems to be highly supported by Eckhart Tolle and in the introduction talks about peyote and various other substances that he has taken to get him to understand how to be present and what it is. Apparently his research was so thorough that we need not do the same. Oh. OK. He has written the book so well that we don’t even need to take up his time with going to see him. It is all in the book.

I do love the male approach to Spirituality. All neatly packaged and rather like listening to an advert for bath cleaner: a strong male voice telling us girlies “how it is”. I know, I know, I sound miffed. Truthfully I am. I was handed a copy of Enlightenment Now. A magazine that Andrew Cohen writes, publishes, interviews himself and all his adoring students with in. A while ago I rang to find out the costs of advertising. During the conversation with a charming woman I asked her why the magazine was so biased toward the male. Her answer was that there were no enlightened women. Ahh. Well. Won’t be advertising there, then.

Back to this issue. It is all about Women’s Enlightenment. The main feature is by Andrew Cohen and another man. They describe themselves at the Guru and the Expert. Apparently we are too manipulative for it to work. That and not being nice enough to each other. (Hackles are up here.) But hey, what do I know. Apparently I am supposed to be leading children around. Their findings are later confirmed by a group of AC’s students who love being shown how to be enlightened by a man. At this point, if you are male reading this you think I hate men and am a witch. I am fine with that unless you happen to be my husband. When I left this morning he had started to read the piece bearing a smirk. I have refrained from calling him to see what he thinks…. Coward. Am I? I don’t think so. I have just peaked on Men telling us how it should be and why, and all the women swooning at their feet. I can see the European Yoga Festival is going to be a roaring success……. Time to leave it there.