Mediums displaying their charms


I was taken to see a medium this week. It was fun. We went to Belgrave Square and sat on red velvet chairs in neat rows and a man pulled energy out of the air around him and tried to find one of us that fitted it. Apparently he was very good.
That does not say too much about what I felt, I know, but was assured that he was very good. He was funny and charming, which could be a relief, but could also be seen to be somewhat irreverent towards death. That I did like. The fact that he accepted it and made light, not really light, but normal of it. It was the normalness that made it seem light. What was really interesting was the brown shadow behind his head that darkened and faded as he lost the connection and became richer and deeper as he found it. As he ended the shadow turned rich purple and then dissappeared. Pouf! I was quite mesmerised by it. More than his music hall style and banter. With a couple of the audience he was good, streaming loads of stuff and leaving them in tears. Others he was plucking straws and they, we were grapsing them. It was fun.

We had our first Kirtan Evening last night. That was great. The children were fabulous and the expectations of elevation were more than met. I used to be so intimidated by singing. Power given to a boyfriend many years ago who told me I could not and should not ever sing. I did get over it a while a ago, but it has taken time to be fully comfortable singing out loud, and now I am it is a joy. We were all in fine voice and the kids played marracas and drums. We will be doing it again every wednesday and will work towards being really great.

We are opening one shop in Dulwich for a month next week and have a lease on another for 15 years from the end of December. There is a lot going on. It feels great. Apparently I am glowing. I did not feel it yesterday afternoon. I seem to spend most of my days in the car, driving kids backwards and forwards and when I am at my desk there are so many phones going, doorbells ringing and meals to cook that I felt quite overwhelmed. And then at 4.30am there seems not much that needs doing and I fiddle and relax then go an do my daily practice. Silly really. I should do a list and nail it to the screen of my computer, and not be allowed out until I have dotted every I and crossed every T. But by the same token it is hard to do too much now because I am not fully in the december shop and if it fell through I would have committed myself financially and would have nothing.

One friend is suggestion I go with shop fitters right from the start. That they do it all for me, within a specified date. I am considering it. Rather faintly. More interesting is to work to a budget. Think things through and take responsability.