Full on


It is busy. Full on would perhaps describe the current experiences. Not a moment to be still and think, and even less time to write weblog.

The shop is starting to look like a shop. The painter is away on holiday until the day before we open and the signage goes up on the day of opening. The window cleaner has my number but has not called and now it is just stocking the shelves. Well, not just that, but that will make me feel like it is getting closer to the reality.

Mornings are wild. Not only am I exhausted and committed to doing a 40 day meditation plus personal practice, but there are kids to entertain, feed, wash, dress, make lunch for, take to school etc, and that is without making lunch for everyone working at the shop. Such fun. But I have to say that each day so far, and it is only Wednesday, I know, has been delicious. Standards have been maintained.

Otherwise I have an inner ear infection. Chronic. Apparently this means it has been there for a long time, not that it is terrible. I find it terrible, but the word does not apply. The doctor tested my hearing and it is reduced by 80% in one ear. I can’t hear too much at all, or noises are really painful. The worst is the entire sensation of deafness through my head, and the fact that I am singing flat! Not good for the ego at all.

But it is all happening. My huge life change is swinging slowly into place and nothing will ever be the same again.