Media Control


We seem to be in the grip of a media frenzy and it feels as though no one sees it.

There are so many news channels, so many magazines, newspapers, internet sites and TV channels that need to keep on feeding our lust for fear that we, as a race, seem to have given them total control over us.

As a result we are being totally directed in our reality by them.

We are being driven towards total gloom, doom and destruction by our thirst for drama and news and I would like it to stop.

What if we had a NO NEWS week? The idea being that for one whole week all news was unwatched, unread, unlistened to? Can you imagine how our version of life and reality would change. Notice how we are never ever threatened with no TV or radio.
Think about a week without media on all levels. What would we miss? Just that shot of adrenalin that comes as another grizzly version of some media moghuls reality is turned, by a journalist, into another hideous story for our delectation and pleasure.

We could all talk to each other, play cards and sit with the children and laugh, read books, make things. Oh, please, let’s stop being driven crazy by the media.

I found myself wishing we had no computers yesterday. The Indian experience was generally good, but trying to communicate was so hard that I gave up. Once back here and fully plugged in I found myself wishing it was all candle light and carriages. I am not really sure that we have improved our experiences with the internet technology and all that it is bringing to our lives. Personal reality seems to figure less and less. How did that happen? We know more about the other side of the world and Britney Spears than we do about our surroundings or our neighbours. We are permanently encouraged to feel anything , usually fear or extreme pleasure, other than the sweet calm of normal. But I am puzzled by how invisible the thread that binds us has become to everyone. Who is winding it? Perhaps it really is us, the masses?