Mastering Addiction Teacher Training at Triyoga Camden


Mastering the addictive personality: teacher training 6th to 12th November 2017

9.30am – 5.30pm at triyoga camden Open to teachers, and aspiring teachers of all yoga styles. £1500 (£1200 early bird until 1st August, 2017)

Do you have an addictive nature? Most of us do, one way or another, but not all of us enjoy the experience, and some of us are very ready for a potent change.
I classify an addictive nature as using anything from anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders, and or rage, all the way through to excessive drinking, gambling and drug use, as a way to manage how we feel. It is a broad brush, but have you ever tried to give up one of your behaviours only to find that you quickly move towards another?

During this week-long training, which is open to all who identify as having an addictive nature, and to all styles of yoga practice, we will explore the background to these behaviours. Discovering what we can do to “change how we feel” in a way that does not create more harm, more disconnect, more isolation.

This training is a “personal” experience, but if you wish to gain a certification as a yoga teacher for addiction recovery to be able to run your own classes, or to teach in prisons and rehabilitation centres, this experience will equip and certify you.

In this seven day training, Carolyn Cowan, will lead a group through understanding the roots of addiction, the path through12 step recovery, trauma and the links to addictive behaviour. We will look at the many different types of addiction, including substance and process addiction, and the subsequent effects of addictions on the mind, body, and hormones. The use of medications including anti-depressants and other prescription drugs will be explored plus there will be an overview of the psychiatric issues involved in addiction and recovery. We will focus on specific postures and their direct effects upon the mind, body and hormonal flow. We will explore the power of intention, the effects of pranayama and meditation, and the experience of mantra.

The need for self-parenting, acceptance and boundaries in recovery will be fundamental. There will be an overarching focus on how to teach yoga to master the addictive personality in different settings including prisons, rehabs, gyms and dedicated yoga centres. There will also be teaching on managing groups, creating intimacy and safety.

The final part of the training will look at diet and detoxification including life without sugar and other stimuli including caffeine. We will discuss the importance of a spiritual practice, including replacing acting out with ceremony and ritual. There will be a focus on healthy sexuality and intimacy. We will create a tool box for long term recovery and relapse prevention. We will look at how to set up, run and publicise classes and groups and how to make the best of social media.

Yoga, pranayama and meditation will be a core practice.
Certification is based upon the passing of an exam and attendance of all days. If you are not already a trained yoga teacher, you can go on to do a Level 1 teacher training in your chosen form of yoga, and then take the exam. Upon passing your exam, you will be certified to teach Mastering the Addictive Personality yoga classes in prisons, rehabs, halfway houses and yoga centres.
If you would like to attend this training then please follow this link to go to the Triyoga website and book directly.