Master Yourself – Kundalini Yoga in Greece


Master Your Self is a Kundalini Yoga workshop led by Carolyn Cowan.

The 3-day workshop in Paros Island helps you to recognize your physical & mental addictions, emotional triggers and to see how your history and family patterns have affected your responses to your daily reality.

We will open up the stories and their effects upon you, look at powerful tools to enable you to master your stresses, anxieties and triggers. We will understand how to come out of the hurt child and become an adult, mastering your self.

This is done through the practice of Kundalini yoga, pranayama and meditation, led by Carolyn Cowan, a charismatic & elevating Kundalini yoga teacher, psychotherapist and former addict.

The daily schedule of the workshop will include morning & afternoon sessions and lunch. For more information click here for more information on the workshop and on the Tao’s Centre where you can see prices and accommodation options.