It gets better


It has been very quiet here for the last few days. The kind of quiet that is very unsettling and makes me doubt all my plans, choices and decisions, but today has been better.

One of the big things that have made it better is that the shop across the road are in the new Mary Queen of Shops series, starting filming next week. Mary wants to bring life to Balham! Thank God! How very thoughtful of her. Maybe we can get the screening dates brought forward because it is less than lively here and the naughty boys on the street are playing up.

My lovely friend, Sam, who has much retail experience has been working for me all day and has changed things around. Just the clothes rail, but it is quite an amazing lesson in colour, and I thought I knew about colour! I do love being shown new tricks.

Knowing that the street will be heavily featured has galvanised us into finishing niggly tasks that keep on being pushed to one side. I need to find a new table and chairs for outside so I am removing what is there to push me into dealing with it, and putting better lights around the shop.

I cycled to work today, but instead of risking life and limb on the Clapham Road I took leafy lanes. I still arrived hot and flustered, but less than yesterday. Perhaps I am kidding myself, I am not sure, but am I brave enough to take on a third day? Perhaps it will be raining tomorrow and I can cry off and give my thighs a break.