Big days in Balham


I love this time as autumn comes. The cold nights, the warm colours and the real sense of change. It must be a left over from school days.
We have a big street market today in Balham. The whole road is filled with stands, barbeques and an air of excitement.

It is early now, but the buzz is an attempt to bring the market energy back to the street. Something that I feel is a great idea.

I thought ahead and asked not to have a stall in front of the shop. This was agreed, but they have put a butchers right next to us. Fortunately the wind is blowing his odours away.

Mary, Queen of Shops is filming here, too. So I hope it will bring excitement and prosperity to this delightful little street.

Otherwise, managing the Jet Lag is going quite well. I think having had a really good holiday before I went, helped a lot. I came back tired, but nowhere near as worn out as earlier in the year. The trip was a success in terms of jewellery etc.. For the first time I really designed from scratch and I am happy with the results. Now it is a md time, getting everything photographed, priced and out there.

Shows are looming, too, and workshops. I am back in the teaching chair as of October, and really looking forward to it.