The very lovely David Newman


We had a kirtan evening at home last night. The very lovely David Newman played and sang with Meera. It was exquisite and Divine. We were only 14 so it was acoustic, no microphones, just the clear voices and the guitar. Really lovely.

He talked so well about the power of Mantra and gave such loving and calm descriptions of the Gods, Goddesses, the words and their meanings. It was very sweet.
A big step on the journey onwards and upwards.

We talked a lot in the car, particularly on the way back. They were staying in Queen’s Park so there was lots of time. The daily struggle to be present formed a large part of the dialogue, and his response was great: to enjoy the resistance, to enjoy the struggle with reality rather than shun it and try to master it. For him the struggle and resistance is the charm of life. That is how he is currently dealing with it, and I like it. We also talked a lot about the dogma of teachings and the rules that contain and hold us, letting our egos get the upper hand all the time.

I felt as though I had been given a really big treat in having so much time with him and being in the kirtan atmosphere.