Day One


Jet lag is not too bad this way. There was a firework party at midnight last night. Once I worked out what it was I relaxed, but for a while I thought it was gunshot. Indian fireworks are not like ours, all health and safety, these are lethal, firefilled nightmares with no directional control and a built-in desire to maim.

This morning I heard that a factory that I used to use all the time burned down. They have lost half a million in stock and orders. Thank God it is not mine. Awful thought, I know, but true. I stopped working withthem last year because they would not respect the designs and kept showing them to other buyers and then shifing making times depending on who ordered more. Naughty boys, but fire is too awful.

Today was good. Hot, but good. I battled with clothes all morning, making sure that sizing was good and demanding enoough of a discounty on the previously unsaleable orders that came in the summer collection. I think the next season’s clothes look great, and it was a releif to try them an again after so many months and still feel that way.

MY current awareness here is what? I am trying to think. Usually I notice something in particular each time I am here. I cannot yet say what it is. It may be funerals. I
saw a body being carried to a Muslim graveyard this morning. It must have been a young man, judging by how many young men were there. FLocks of boys with coloured hankies tied on their heads and a freshly dead body on a bier going into the desert. I have an interest in seeing a Hindu funeral pyre. Why? I think it is important to face death. I feel as though I do face it, particularly here. We screeched to a smoking stop on the motorway yesterday and gently knocked an old ma to the side. It was quite hairy, the way time slows down as the screaming of the brakes increases. Luckily it really was a nudge. He must have had a death-wish not to stop but to keep trying to run in front of a large car doing 120km per hour. Sitting there withthe heart racing thinking “thank God it was not a truck coming towards us or that we did not hit him.” Unfortunately here I would have been made responsible for the accident. Such fun.

Tomorrow is full-on shopping. I have a whole day of lovely things to see and then dinner in the evening. Delightful. I am still 95% raw, but have had chai and mango milkshake. Totally fabulous!