Time passes


My computer was stepped upon in Manchester. No responsibility was taken, but it has severely affected my weblog and, in fact, all manner of aspects of my life.

It was such a shock to see it all bent and broken, and the man who examined it told me that it was beyond economical repair. Not words that thrill me.

I was sad and felt terrible that I had not taken better care of it. Usually I am so careful with “things” but this was a mystery.

I looked into replacing it, knowing that I would have to buy a new one, given how much use it gets. I went to the Mac Store on Regent Street, the temple to spending lots of money with the stairs that want you to fall down them (they have a huge glass staircase that is totally hideous to walk down, I feel so fragile on it. I cannot get the psychology of the choice, but there must be something in it.) I found the computer I wanted and ordered it. Went to pay and my credit card was blocked. Hmmm, I thought. There must be another way, but I will ignore the thump on the head and try my husband’s card. That, too, was blocked. I backed away from the till realising that there really was another way and as usual I need to be told twice.

We swept down the stairs in a flurry of children and coat tails and took a big deep breath outside on the busy, dark, street. Partly because of having survived the stairs, but also because I now had to find the “other way”.

I remembered that I had sat next to a computer repair man on a return flight from Delhi recently. Raj was funny and charming and loved telling stories of his monumental success. I found his card and called. I was invited to bring my dead MAC to Kingston where he pronounced it repairable and did it in one day! I spent a third of the price of a new one.


More phew now, too, as I recover from the very fabulous Mind Body Soul Show in Olympia this weekend. Gosh it was good and I had such fun. I am now a wilted husk in need of a rest, but thrilled by the response to the classes and workshops.