Manchester and other things


We have returned from a big Mind Body Spirit Show in Manchester.

It was the first show in a while. It was great to see all the familiar faces and meet new people. We had great fun, and I love the architecture up there. So huge and monumental, it always makes me want to give it all up and move to a huge warehouse up there.

We have another show in London this weekend and the dramas of stock, ordering more books, how to display to the merchandise and make it look so much better than any one else’s!

Otherwise, life feels a little softer. I seem to have times of great crisis and learning and then it levels out and I feel wiser and I see better in terms of the bigger picture.

The teaching in Manchester was great and as I have not really done much for a while, to such huge numbers, it was a really powerful vision onto how to move forward into this new time that is slowly and ponderously making it’s way towards all our reality.

The recession is starting to make a shadow on everyone’s thinking, and it is interesting to see how well the yoga and meditation can help now. Time to be seen.