Lost my nerve


We are preparing for a big dinner tonight. It is our responsibility, so there are lots of women in the kitchen all chopping, grinding, cooking and singing. Great fun.

We found an old ice cream churner and were planning to make home made ice cream until we discovered you have to turn for one hour! Wow. What we all did before electricity is amazing. Although I thought further and realised there must have been some kind of electricity to make the ice in the first place…..

The sun tan is coming along really well. I do love a good deep colour and do not subscribe to the sun cream notion. I am quite sure it is invented by skin cancer drug companies. I am about to be shot by Nestle, I am sure, so will espouse no more theories on that mark, suffice to say that I do a little and unprotected. Make of it what you will.

The daily routine is so relaxing I almost do not recognise myself. I think I hit new levels of stress whilst thinking of opening a yoga centre, that I can feel it still peeling off me in layers whilst I am here. What has also happened is that a month of “normal eating” is not a pleasure and I am bouncing, literally, back to being free of carbohydrates and eating mostly raw food. Wow I feel better.

I use the internet in the apartment of one of the sisters here. It is a place where I have had the worst “spirit” experiences of my life and it is strange to sit here even in broad daylight. The furniture beside me creaks and cracks and there is a very real sense of someone looking over my shoulder, almost touching me. It takes great resolve to continue sitting here. I was doing the internet in the semi darkness the other night and lost my nerve. Funny.