Long days and much food


It is now day four of the vegetarian cooking DVD. It is going well. I totally forget how stressful it can be, standing there all day in front of the cameras, legs aching, endlessly cooking and hoping it will all turn out OK. I find it strange how no one really talks about anyhting or engages in any way. I wondered if it was just the nature of the collection of crew, if I was really so dull and boring that no one wanted to talk to me, but have finally decided that the choice of crew is the Director’s and he will choose poeple who suit him and his way. He does not engage much himself, is not nterested in much about anyone else and so it follows that those he would like around him would be the same. I felt easier once I go that sorted. Now I have one last day of no engagement beyond what they see happening in front of them and the cameras. Totally do-able.

The other slightly knawing thing, apart from the squirrel that woke me up at four this morning chewing at my roof, is my photographic assistant. He has not got the plot at all as far as the photos of the finished dishes are concerned. He takes the most shocking still life pictures and I don’t really know what to do. One more day of all this hard work and his images are making me wince.

But otherwise the house in in total and extreme chaos. There is stuff everywhere and at the end I would love to lock the door and walk away, but I can’t really see that happening. I am going to have to gird my loins and put it all back together again. The thought is too awful. That and the idea that I may have to cook even one meal in the next week. And on top of that there is still so muc food and the Abel and Cole delivery piles itself on top, the fridge is full and and and and I wish there was someone stroking my forehead talling me it will all be alright in the end.