Kundalini Yoga for Releasing Trauma, Stress & Anxiety 9th & 10th July 2016


This workshop is now sold out

A 2 day workshop exploring the impact of trauma, stress & anxiety on the body, mind and our experience of reality.

Where does trauma, anxiety and stress come from? What does it feel like? What do trauma, anxiety & stress do to our mind & body?

How do we release ourselves?

Trauma, stress & anxiety is overwhelming, unkind, dis-empowering and frightening in it’s intensity, yet many of us do not recognise how much we hold our history and projections in our muscles, organs and glands.

We will spend 2 days exploring trauma, stress & anxiety using conversation, kundalini yoga, breath-work, meditation and group dynamics.

The latest concepts in neural plasticity, depression, diet and the nervous system will be opened up and worked with to gain an understanding of how we can step out of our personal embodiment of trauma.