Kundalini Expansion

Kundalini Expansion

The Kundalini is the curl of the hair of the beloved. It is a coil of energy that is said to reside, resting in the sacrum, at the base of the pelvis. It is held in it’s resting place by our unconsciousness, the piles of negativity and fear that have built up inside us as the direct result of our reactions to our individual life experiences up to this point. The layers of continual suffering keep the energy held and dormant.

There are many experiences that can awaken it, and the art is to raise the consciousness at the same calm pace as the history is pulled away and discarded. Kundalini yoga is a great discipline for enabling this work; the consciousness that you can bring to the residues of your history, the breaths that you can use to release the suffering, the focus you can use as you practice, all combine to raise the energy and your individual awareness at the same time. In this way your consciousness is expanded and can meet the rising energy, fears are diminished, the exquisite sensations and experiences that arise from working with this energy can be fully indulged in without drama and intensity overtaking the moments that are to be savoured, loved, explored and treasured. There is nothing as sweet as meeting the Divine, within and without through this practice.

The consequences of this slow and focussed effort varies from person to person, but will include some or all of the following:

Increased awareness of the consequences of your actions.

Increased healing abilities.

Increased intuitive responses and awareness.

A reduction in the suffering that you experience as the result of your reactions to your personal history.

A more developed trust in life’s processes.

The ability to take increased responsibility for yourself, your strength and talents.

There are also 22 Siddhis or powers that can be awakened with this work.

A greater ability to respond rather than to react.

Some of the tell tale signs that you may be heading in these directions can include all of the above, but also seeing lights, feeling heat in the spine, smelling exquisite perfumes, marked increases in talents and abilities already hinted at within the realms of your human experiences.

I am a Kundalini yoga teacher, trained by Yogi Bhajan. I also access other expressions of this exquisite energy: Hindu archetypes, Sanskrit mantras, Aghoric references, astral and etheric travelling, soul journeying, meditation, posture, breath manipulation and encourage conscious connections to our individual strengths and un-accessed, unacknowledged powers and abilities.

A class with me will typically engage most of not all of these areas. I encourage you to turn your practice into a Union with the Divine at all times. To focus within and, from there, to expand your connection to your soul. Once you are comfortable merging with the microcosm you are then encouraged to expand out into the Universal energies of the macrocosm. I am aware that it can feel like a leap of faith, to read this, but the experiences are very exquisite and can utterly transform your relationship with your practice, your history and the Divine in whichever form you experience that presence. Also, if you are searching to make sense of this relationship or even at the point where you are starting out on the road, this way of practising, expanding your connection and awareness, can be a great step on your path.

I have currently stopped my class at St Barnabas Church Hall, Dulwich Village. Contact Carolyn at info@carolyncowan.com for more information.

My classes are an exploration of all aspects of the Kundalini Energy and are themed each week to give an excuse to turn elsewhere in the massive array of potential, power and energy that the awakening of the Kundalini brings. The first 15-20 minutes of the class is spent focussing on the theme through dialogue and this in turn allows you to bring a particular focus and awareness to your practice.

I teach you, within the group, to become comfortable with other aspects and realities, to understand when to stop, how to reduce the energy, how to travel into the etheric realms once you have learned to use your practice as the way in.

I am available for one to one sessions contact me on info@carolyncowan.com to make a booking. These sessions can be all yoga or they can focus on an aspect of your personal reality that you feel may be in the way of your movement forward. The classes I run are based around working with the energy of the Kundalini inside the body, and include examination of the following:

What is this energy?

How to expand it.

What does it feel like?

Where can you go with it once inside the space that it is.

Travelling in the ethers.

Connecting to the Soul.

Clearing the negative responses we hold in our bodies as the direct result of our histories.

How to manage and contain the energy.

Should you have issues or fears about the Kundalini Energy please do feel free to come and see me for one to one work. There are many misconceptions about it’s potential and also many who experience the energy but have no idea as to how to contain it. These aspects are usually covered in each class, but more personal experiences can sometimes need more examination.

Should you desire to look further into this energy there are some excellent books. You need to pick and choose your way through, and also remember that many of the writings are not based on sharing the experience in a way that will enable you into it, but are written as grandiose claims about higher powers and connections apparently not available to mere mortals. These writings are still interesting as they can give insight into what to expect, and the vast potential that can unfold.

For your personal work at home, please do look at my collection of Kundalini Yoga DVDs both on Youtube and on Amazon

On the Devotion website I have several books and yoga manuals that I recommend highly and have worked with for years. Go to Adorn your Mind and follow the link to thebooks. I only sell a few now, as it is hard to compete with Amazon etc, but beyond those on my site, take a look at:

Anything by Robert Svboda. Hard to find and even harder to make sense of, but intriguing and interesting.

Kali’s Oddaya is a good book, again, hard to find.

Kundalini Rising is in my opinion a book best avoided. Utterly boring, self-satisfied and uninteresting. A sea of missed opportunity.

Gabriel Cousens, a raw food expert and a doctor, writes about his own personal experiences in a book called Spiritual Nutrition but very much from the perspective that no mere mortal can come close to his experiences so it is interesting from the “what to expect” angle.