Kirtan with lots of kids


We had another evening of Kirtan last night. It was great. Really noisy, really energetic, high and elevated. The children, 4 of them were amazing, sitting for an hour and a half singing, meditating and playing instruments. Sometimes the noise was awful and I really had to keep smiling to not mind, but those moments were not for too long and the sheer pleasure of all the effort that was made more than made up for any awful noises.

It is a big step to start this group. It feels that to me. I had been told years ago that I could not and should not sing. I knew it was said to hurt, and in my youth and stupidity I let it hurt a lot. I have really enjoyed coming around to liberating my voice, and I love it. Not neccesarily the voice itself, but the experience of chanting, especially with others is so fantastic. The energy that radiates off the body after is just Divine.

We are filling the shop with stock today. The sitting room is full of piles of numbered stock. It is amazing how much we are going to squeeze into that little space, and make to intriguing, irresistible, and infinitely wonderful for Christmas. I need to gird my loins and get on with it. I am fiddling with unimportant things.