Funny how long things take


I have had a yoga class at home for years. it has alawys been there, and up until now has been very quiet. Usually no one there except Baptiste and I. All of a sudden it is the new black. Two people this morning! Wild. Some days there are even three, and more facinating than all of that is that mostly it is all men.

After all the years of only teaching women, I now mainly teach men. I have no explanation for it.

On another note, I am studying numerology and strange things are starting to take shape. Formations in the universe. I like it. I like learning, and this is wild. patterns emerging from chaos, behaviours being explainable, particularly my own. I lie and let it dissolve into me as though there is a shower of understanding falling upon me. Pathways, previously hidden, reveal themselves and things make an amount of sense. Not enough yet for it to be too useful, but stimulating, none the less.

Following a similar line, but not really the same, I had a big class here over the weekend. SOmeone always looses something in the melee, and this time it was a bunuch of keys. They rang at 11.30 at night. Luckily I have no phones in the bedroom, so had no compunction to deal with it, but when I played the message in the morning I knew the keys were not in the house, they were in a black bag.

So I searched the house twice, then got Baptitste on the case and finally she rang to say they had found the keys in a black bag. At this point I was hot, sweaty and cross. Mostly cross because I knew in my self that they were not here, but had not stood my ground and beleived it. Time to get the point.

What’s the point? That there is so much more than we allow our tiny realm of expreience to see or trust.