Just Because the Weather is Very Awful


I decided that the way forward was to spend a day in bed. I am so over the endless rain, the myriad of snails ignoring me as they gently eat their way across the garden, the endless terror threats and the shorter, darker days. Somehow I missed the clocks changing, too, which is odd. It must be because all the timepieces I own are electronic and they change automatically. It happened without my noticing but I miss the drama of it! I think I get a perverse pleasure out of wondering, each year, why they do it. But perhaps it did not happen at all and all the cows are fine. I have always thought it was linked to farmers having to milk cows in the dark.

So I lay in bed in the pretend daylight and read the latest book by my favourite author Haruki Murakami, who is a fabulously evocative writer, and then decided that the next step was to reduce some pieces which have been lingering…

So if you are, like me, needing a little lift, there are some lovely SALE pieces to warm you up in this horrid damp time…. especially the coats made from the hand stitched sari fabric and the heavy winter gagra. The long side split tops in velvet are deliciously soft and strokeable and the velvet trousers look great under all sorts of different things, including the Comfort top…

If you are interested in bodypainting or have children who are, the brush kits and the bodypainting kits are half price and alongside the instructional DVD can produce hours of fun as the days close in or as an original Christmas present….

If needlepoint is your thing, and it has always been mine, I am wanting to sell off the kits that are left. These are one of the first things I ever made. I particularly love the one of Guru Nanak. They come with all the thread needed and a needle. A great way to while away the hours of the next two seasons as the repetitive act of stitching calms the mind.

There are lots of very desirable new jewellery items added to the website so you can want them for Christmas, and there is a collection of men’s shirt by Brigitte Singh and Lucknow (the hand stitched) shirts, and the very evocative Nehru collared waistcoats added, too, all on the same link.

I find it hard not to wear the Comfort Dress every day, all day, and have now worn it in bed, too, whilst writing this piece. It is utterly perfect for winter and I will have lots of them at the Devotion Emporium at Chelsea Town Hall on October 26th & on November the 30th should you need to stroke it before purchasing!

Please do come and see me at home if you would like to shop in peace and quiet. The picture in this piece is of the shawls displayed in the Emporium at home. There is now a link to a map on the right hand side of this page which shows how easy it is to get here by train, bus and tube. It is by appointment only and a great way to get exactly what you want from Devotion without lots of interruptions from passers by. 020 7701 9269