It is getting hotter.


It is getting hotter each day now. I am sitting in a factory opposite the mountains but with a glaring white wall behind where I do business and my eyes ache. Everything looks bleached and pale and I am tired.
I just want to lie and be still, but if I want to finish my work in time, I cannot. I have to keep going, more endless meetings. Everything takes so long, and is going really well, but just drags and drags.
Holi festival is finished and every one is slightly stained pink and rather hungover. Taking it all gently and slowly, not really putting too much effort into the rest of the week and I am champing to be on.

I bought malas today. Lots of the them outside the main temple here. I gathered quite a crowd, as usual. Everyone wanting to help and not one person speaking
English. It was fun. All the conversations about prices and numbers of malas interspersed with sadhus and widows tugging at me elbows asking for money I have learned the hard way, that there is no point giving money until the very last moment, or they all call all their friends over and it can get scary. If
there are 30 beggars tugging at you, no matter how spindly and weak they appear in ones and twos, thirty have an appalling and terrifying strength.So by the time I had finshed today, only the most determined were left. Lots of toothless women and very naughty looking sadhus hanging out in the shadows. Otherwise it is calm and slow. I am being escorted to a market in a while. I want to look at old cooking utensils and have to be taken to the shop where they are. I have dinner this evening with a man I do a lot of business with. He is a ball of radiant energy. The first time I saw him I was physically knocked in the belly by a ball of light. He meditates 2.5 hours per day and just glows. The whole family are delightful, but I have no energy. I just feel exhausted and want to be still.

I suppose I have the rest of my life to find still time.

I can make the effort to do this now.