It is funny, what we get used to


I remember a few months ago, when all this financial chaos got started, my stress levels were outrageous. It was a very difficult time and there was so much fear in my thinking that I felt totally overwhelmed by my mind.

Months later, I find that I take it all in my stride and have now made certain tools mandatory for daily use: Long deep breathing, mantra, running and prayer. These four things have allowed me to accept, to a great degree, all that is going on at the moment in my life and the energy that the current crisis generates in the consciousness at large.

Looking back I can see how I have absorbed and learned to manage such states of being that usually come very rarely into my experiences. I am sure it is becoming the same for all of us now. We are learning to cope with new realities.

I have just spent three days at the Yoga Show which was fabulous, a great show where I taught several workshops and in one of them talked about this as a time where we have to adjust to being enough as we are. We have to cope without the accessories that would previously have defined us as individuals; the shiny new computer, new ipod, new car etc. Our attachment to being defined by our possessions is being weaned off us as the world adjusts to being enough as we are. No more massive credit runs, huge mortgages and hire purchase deals to bring a glint of bling and self esteem to the self.

After an initial resistance I find I like this new state of affairs. I do. I am puzzled as to why it has not affected the youth market, but it is easy to see a need to pull in the feathers elsewhere.

In the broader scheme of things we are now entering the state that so many teachers have spoken about: the emergence of a new consciousness that is linked to the Age of Aquarius. That real power lies in the individual consciousness, not in hierarchical authority where it has been held until now.

It has been said that 150 years ago each of us would have absorbed, in our lifetime, as much information as is in a daily edition of the New York Times. We now do that as standard on a daily basis. We are each expanding hugely and on the way, the pain of being stretched can be profoundly unpleasant. This is what we are feeling now.

The best way that I have found to be in it all is to treat it as an adventure in open mindedness and abstract thinking. Then it becomes fun and challenging and my resistance melts.