It is cold here


Wow, I have not been cold in India for a very long time, but I am having to put on most of my wardrobe all the time. And I am not alone.
We all sit huddled over steaming dishes of food watching them set cold far too quickly, our hands constantly rubbing together like colonial misers whilst we are served by young men with their ears tightly bound by indeterminately coloured fluffy woollen shawls. It is fun, for a while. But getting into bed and getting warm enough o sleep is a challenge. I have taken to running a bath at night and getting at least my feet warm before I lie down. I can only get my feet and bottom warm because it takes about 20 minutes to get 2 inches of wat5er in the bath. Luckily it is a flesh coloured plastic bath, so the water does not cool down too fast.

The morning shower is not quite such fun and I am amazed by how large goose bumps can actually get. Added to all of this is the 2 hour power cut every morning. I am still fascinated to see how the globalisation of India will really pan out. From this side it is looking highly ambitious.

Not just because of power cuts and cold showers, honest. It is a trifle challenging to do business here. This time feels more so than usual. The sights seem to have been lifted and the achievements of China seem to be the goal, so the orders have to be bigger, wilder, the costs higher and higher.

I sit on the side, with my brain whirring as usual, and wonder how to make it work for us.

But the sun has come out, the power is on, the internet is not working but maybe will, later, and I am going to see one of my favourite people.