It is a bumpy landing


I have been on several planes over the years that have landed very bumpily. It is a profoundly unsettling experience especially when I imagine one of the brakes not working and the other one creating a crazy spin in the plane as it hurtles down the runway.

We my feelings about being back are rather similar. Locked away in an old house in the depths of France I was blissfully unaware of the words so common to the London experience: soaring prices, betrayal, death, recession…. Each one leaving a cold stab of fear as I pass another poster for the Evening Standard. I think all these politicians need to read the Secret. Maybe that should be standard reading for the next political party.

But I am back, at work, smiling away, a layer of blissful ignorance smeared across my reality as I lie awake at night wondering where we are all headed. They want to ban Steiner now. Demeter in all it’s forms has gone because it has no additives. Confusing, to say the least, but I think that the general direction is to make sure that we are all as numb as can be, plugged into our ipods, mobile phone and computers, filmed, fined and processed at every turn and kept in neat serried rows whilst they, the invisible baddies, control everything around us and we just work and pay taxes and fines.

I have been driving since I was 18. Clean license,. Gov, until now. Well, almost now. I was filmed speeding at 34 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone. I can pay the fine for £60 and get points on my license or pay £95 and attend a speed awareness workshop and I will be patted into a better driver.

I am working to find a lighter note, but cannot. It will pass, it always does, good and bad, but this is today.