It has happened again


No matter how hard I try to keep on top of things, I seem to end up on the side as it all whizzes past me at high speed. I am left in a slowly swirling pile of paperwork. This is what is happening now. The gentle rustle of impatient paperwork colours the soundscape of my days.

So I am sitting, at home, at night, pretending to watch a kids Disney thing and am actually making my pile of unloved paperwork, loved.

The Secret. I know, I know, the film is awful, but the book is really excellent! I am astounded by it, in fact. I thought I knew it. I thought I had this stuff down. I have done 40 days of being positive, cut through all negative thoughts and projected in the style of Shakti Gawain. But The Secret is something else. I stop. I will not go on. Over to you.

There is a great feature out at the moment in Good Housekeeping. It has a huge distribution and a whole page on the me and the shop. It is life changing stuff. Really positive and absolutely to the point of what the whole shop is about. An endless stream of interesting women are coming to the shop and each day is great fun. Between the chatting, selling and paperwork layered gently over half term, time feels rather condensed.