It can seem a trifle pointless


The appalling book by Phillip Pullman has been made into a film costing $90 million. The equally appalling Nicole Kidman plays herself. Again. And to add to the soup, the Catholic Church of America has decided that it is going to do all it can to promote the film and it’s principles.

Another circus, not dissimilar to the joys of the Da Vinci Code. I wonder what the split is? 50/50 between the Church and the film makers?

$90 million on a film. A staggering amount of money that could have been used for all kinds of wonderful things.

We live in strange times. Getting stranger. Our core values have shifted, it seems. Not mine personally, but the zeitgeist seems to be so completely linked to celebrity, insane spending,. Crazy decisions and health and safety. Given where I was writing from yesterday, it is deeply challenging to work out how to raise one’s children into being able to make any sense of now at all.

The council makes so much money that it needs to spend a great raft of it on something other than road humps, the government doesn’t force kids to do sport any more and now Wandsworth Council want to replace our children’s amazing school with 12 floodlit foot ball pitches. I stand back with my mouth open unable to make sense of it at all.

There is a Chinese curse. “May you live in Interesting times.” Well, here we are.