It bodes well


I walked into the sitting room the night before last to see my 3.5 year old daughter stretched out on a pile of cushions. Her arms were stretched out on either side. Her head lolling to the side and her legs long and straight with her toes touching.
She had a big smile on her face and her eyes closed.

I asked her what she was doing. “I am being like him”. Like who? “Like him up there, Jesus” She looked up at the ivory crucifix above her head.
I think it bodes rather well for her future. Slightly Adams family, but fun none the less.

Otherwise, we have started filming the cooking DVD. Oh my God. I forget how stressful it gets. I bought a very beautiful Smeg cooker which does not work. They have wired it gasses up wrong and say they cannot replace it for three days. Such fun. 12 crew later and we are supposed to start on cooked food today. Luckily the oven is electric and the current is attached. There is an enormous jib arm in the way at the moment, so I can’t check. But I do have to come back to that lovely saying. If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. And I think he must be verging on hysterics. We shall see.

I had some bad moments whilst filming yesterday. Standing there, inforbt of all the crew, think “what am I doing. What on earth made me want to do this. Who on earth will buy it. Will it work. Am I wasting money. Can we stop now and send everything back. Arghhhhh!” And other such delights. It is getting easier, but rather like childbirth and marriage, it is impossible to visualise all that it will be before you get there.

We are just gearing up for another day. Am I looking forward to it? I will reserve comment. The cooker is freaking me out. But it has occured to me to whiz someone up to Brixton hill where there is a shop and buy another one if Smeg get smug.