Is no news good news?


I lay on the floor and thought for a moment this morning.
I was thinking about writing weblog later in the day and how much of a response I get to the fear issues.

I have banned myself from all news and newspapers. Phew.

Actually it is not that easy. I am addicted to the rush of fear that comes, that rise in adrenalin and the feeling of insecurity and fascination at the dramas and turmoil we can all access through the media at any moment, when I look at the news. I have to stop myself sneaking a look at the BBC website to see if there are any new dramas, disasters or hideous things that will confirm my fears.

It was this aspect of myself that I was mulling over as I recovered my breath after some hard yoga for projection, self esteem and boundaries. I suddenly saw something interesting in my mind’s eye that I had not picked up on before.

I remember when the visuals for the News were blue and spacey. Avantguard graphics that told of the future and hope and forward thinking. I remember when they changed to yellow and orange and I was not so sure. Fire and drama was the energy. Now the colour is red. Blood Red. How delightful. All the colouring of the BBC news is red. I had not thought about it before.

Red is a strong and violent colour. It raises emotion and fear. It is the colour of the root chakra, the shit and the crisis of our history. How interesting that it is now the colour that hooks us into the dramas of the world.

I am on day three of no news. My digital radio is tuned to Radio 3, and I avert my eyes as I drive past the Evening Standards warped view of life. I will report how totally calm and peaceful I become. Can I stick to 40 days of no news? Can this be considered a meditation?

One day at a time….