The issues with NOW


I have issues with NOW. I know I shouldn’t, but I do.

It is what I teach and what I long for, but I am suffering the consequences.

I go to India months and months ahead and design and make clothes. There is a great satisfaction in sitting back knowing that the next collection is done. But at the same time, the ability that the Indians have with being present means that there is nothing beyond the erotic charge of taking the money. They have no sense of responsibility, no sense of the future. There is no future. It is just “yes, everything is possible, give us your money and it is all possible”. Money goes to the bank, hands are washed, Laxshmi is thanked and the smile fixes on the next idiot who believes that everything is possible.


I do not know how to proceed. I have received the last order, all the winter clothes, three and a half months late. It has had a knock on effect on everything I do and think, want, need and worry about.

I have recently returned from two weeks sitting in a boiling hot, airless factory making all the new collection and there is no way that I can know that I will get it. How to proceed? Lessons in retail management that I would prefer to be far, far beyond.

So the power of NOW has more consequences than I can really register and I am really fascinated to see how it is going to impact the future of the Indian growth spurt. It is certainly impacting my choices.

And at the same time I found that the meditation I have been working with for a while is going too fast for me. I have switched to being in the neutral mind. Still, accepting, peaceful and blissed out.

It does last, for a while, then is slips quietly away into the mists of my longings.