Indian summer


I have spent most of the day shopping, but all the spaces in between I have been so relaxed it has been a total delight.

I had to go from one place to the next in the belting heat and managed to get quite far into my list of things to do. I took lunch at the Rambhag Palace. A wonderful marble lined edifice of great charm and high costs, but the peace and stillness is not to be beaten. Funny thing was they did not want me to have lunch outside. I was ushered into the air-conditioned dining room where I lasted two minutes in the cold, the noise and the smoke before insisting I could survive lunch in 42 degrees with no AC, and I did. It was great. Silent, but for the sound of a young man endlessly sweeping the floor with his soft broom. It was so lovely. I sat and read a Georgette Heyer novel that was so funny I was laughing out loud. I know I read it before, but cannot remember one line of it. Such fun.

This evening I am out with the Jaipur Hoi Poloi. I hope they do not read weblog. I am quite sure they would not. I have to dress well, be charming and watch how they all are. Fun. Tomorrow I am being taken to a factory outside Jaipur to see some “naughty” work…. I am intrigued to see what it will be. Apparently I will want to sell it in my shop. Even more fascinating. I do so hope they remember to collect me. Afterwards I am being taken to a step well to see a ghost.
What more can I say?