Medical Tourism and other joys


It has been a whirl of joy, the last few days.
The Indian Dentist closely followed by a Sainsbury’s commercial, immediately followed by the delights of three days in Manchester.
The dentist was a trip. The sign outside had 5 dentists all with the same name. A great, long peeling sign, swaying gently.
He was small and felt it. I told him I did not have too much love for the dentist’s chair and had sensitive teeth. (I thought I would not leap into the truth too early. I messed my teeth really badly with cocaine.)
He did not enjoy the experience of meeting me and in a rather masochistic way I tortured him more than a little. He kept sighing whenever I squealed in discomfort. Finally he leaned back with a long sigh, but kept his delightful pimk mask on and asked me what I did for a living. I told him I was involved with addiction recovery and yoga. There was a movement in his cheek that never quite made it to his eyes. I assumed it was meant to have been a smile. Folding his arms and sighing again he asked me if I felt there was any value in teacheing yoga to addicts. I didn’t feel there would be much value in answering him and just shrugged. He suggested we continue the conversation another time. In a fit of insanity I asked him what led him to believe we were destined to meet again.
I opened wide as he did his Steve Martin thing over me…….
And then saw him with friends at Polo later in the afternoon. We did not chat.

Next was Sainsburys. I have not been on a film set for many years. Plates of cold bacon sandwiches. large bellies being heaved around, but not as many as I remembered. And this wierd thing that I see everywhere; men with shaved heads. What is this strange fashion? Why does most of the male population want to move through the world looking like a naked penis. I don’t get it. Is it some macho thing to be bald? Is it a secret club? I would love to know. I find myself in rooms where every man is hairless. I am sure they were quite attractive once, but now… Maybe it is the end of the age of Pisces and they all want to look the same and go out with a fuzz. Apart from that the shoot was fun. Delightful, funny people. A team of 10 make up and hairdressers who were great fun, wonderful artists to work with and a short day. I was surprised.

Manchester was low key. Three days at GMEX. Lots of men with no hair, and selling, selling, selling, in between waves of jetlag.

Now I am home, I am flaking madly.