India, again


It seems like a blink and I am back here again. I arrived a couple of hours ago and delight of delight, there is wireless connection at the hotel. I have to sit in the owners bedroom to get it, but bedrooms here in India are not as we expect them in the West. Here they are store rooms, passages, eating parlours and much, much more.

It was very strange coming back alone. It had been so vibrant with all of us here for so long, that it took me time to get used to the space, the tidiness, and the silence.

I have a big job to do here, setting up all the new clothes, and I am not sure of numbers yet, but with serious application to spreadsheets and drawings, I will get there. Working out how to get it all in order is brain consuming and I am tired, so it is not my forte today, but little, by little I am getting there. I am going to re-draw everything tonight and then add fabrics, colours, numbers and sizes to each page. Is that the best way forward? Hard to tell.

Otherwise India is still lovely. I will write more when I have slept.