Fast times


Things are pretty hectic here and it has started to rain. I don’t want it to rain as we have our official opening tonight. Chai stand outside, lots of people, card reader, great excitement, lots of staff and whafts of incense everywhere. Rain will not help at all.

Once that is over, straight to Olympia tomorrow for the Witches and Warlocks of Olympia at the Mystic Arts. It should be fun, these things usually are, and I will be there every day until Sunday night, when I go to India. Wow, high speed life whizzing along.

I am going to India to adjust the winter collection. Various items in the Summer clothes range arrived unwearable, rather annoyingly, so now I am back to make some adjustments. It will be hugely hot there. The sensation of moving through a hairdryer on full heat is the only way I can describe it. Oh, such fun. What I worry about is how to maintain my raw thing once I am there. It is a troublesome thought, living on raw vegetables in India. it will not be the salad occaisionally that bothers me, but the thought of salad all day every day! Oh God! The bugs, the chemicals, the human fertiliser, the inhuman wastes……. I have accumulated supplies for the trip, but we shall see. I promise to be flexible and open-minded, but I do not want to let my addictive side run riot. That is the key.