I went to the ballet


Isadora and I went to see Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker. It was fab. Sparkley and fun and Isadora, on her first trip to the theatre was bright eyed and totally over-awed. By the end she was cool, calm and liked it a lot.

Otherwise, the Christmas Rush has become a peculiarly male thing. I had not seen it like that before, but there are solitary males all over the place hunting down that special thing for that person they have not really thought about until now.

How extraordinarily judgemental of me! I must apologise. They have doubtlessly been thinking of them and now want to make sure they buy the best…… Have I redeemed myself?

I get a break now, for a few days. Full on children, Christmas, presents, family, and sleeping til I wake up. Oh, how delightful.