Suggestions for this Life Divine.


We were talking, Baptiste and I, about the human condition. The exhausting and endless dramas that we attach ourselves to.
I am aware that certain things have really made huge shifts for me in the last year or so, and I find it all so much easier than I used to. Note that I did not say I found it easy, just easier.
During the conversation we talked about things that had made a difference. A list emerged. Abstract and odd, perhaps, but my goal has always, during the past 15 years, been to want what I have got and to be totally present to the moment now.
So my list consists of (in no particular order):

Nothing is personal. Don’t take it personally.

Other people’s anger is their problem. Examine your part in it, but don’t get involved.

Hell is your resistance.

All the emotional torture that you go through is created by you. It is your head that machinates and turns on everything all the time, building it up into monuments and edifices that rarely, if ever, come to pass.

Never force anything. Buy a ticket and put in effort, but know when to pull back and let things be the way they are supposed to be.

Every accusation is an autobiography.

Want what you have got. I spend my life wishing I was elsewhere. So my task in life is to be OK where I am. Only then will I know I can move. Otherwise, where ever you go, there you are. It is just a geographical. New problems, new intensity, but nothing changes.