Huge Changes


We heard yesterday that we have the shop.
Life is suddenly looking rather different. I have been thinking about all the changes it will bring, and they are many, but whilst it was not an known event it was just thoughts. Now it is reality, and the consequences are big and exciting.
We went out to dinner last night to talk about the project and to really ground ourselves into what needed to be done and how to get it all happening. When we left the restaurant the car was gone. It was such a wierd feeling to be standing by an empty space where, a short while before, the lovely Jezebel the landrover, had been quietly waiting. Getting her back was a trip and quite fun. I could not stop apologising for being so stupid and parking on a bay that was paying until 10pm. I did not know they even existed, but me and Ken Livingston are not communicating too well right now.
We went to Lots Road car lot where a big sign expected us to produce insurance documents, household bills, driving license……
The charming young Muslim on the till, (I wondered if he was placed there especially to stop anyone being rude and angry because no one likes a fatwah), asked if perhaps I had bills in the car. I smiled sweetly and thought of how it was going to feel to go all the way home, get the bills, the license….. Then I remembered. I had a catalogue in the car, with my photo in it. I could prove that the car was mine. I was allowed through all the security and ended up in the carpark with a group of men and a torch all looking at the catalogue and telling me about their backaches and physical issues. Sweet. Sadly they would not let me off the ¬£200 in exchange for a discount on some CDs.

We are starting a chanting group at home next week. I am so looking forward to it. In the search for images for the flier, none of which I used by the way only took inspiration from, I found an article with brain scans on Google. They had proved that 12 minutes of Kirtan profoundly alters tha brain. How fabulous. It has a long term effect on Alzheimer patients. Not only them, I promise. It has an effect on me, too. And I am currently unable to listen to anything except Krishna Dass, Pilgrim Heart. Totally fabulous.