How easily we get swayed


Baptiste and I were sitting the very lovely Le Chandelier café in Dulwich today. It is my new favourite place.
I love the food and the coffee, the tea, the chandeliers and the cakes, so I do tend to go there and sit in my favourite chair for a while, on my days off.

I have a new toy. It does, in fact, rise far above the description. The word toy does it no justice at all. It is an iTouch. The latest techno gadget from MAC. It does everything except phone calls. I love orange and will not move from a human answering my queries and I hate O2 advertising, so I am stuck with out an iPhone, but the Nokia N95 has the best camera on the planet, in mobile terms, and I cannot move from that, so the world is great and you now know that not only am I a techno bunnie, I am also a techno snob.

It does not stop there. I love Chanel lipstick and cannot go out without my moisturiser from the Pharmacia Santa Maria Di Novella. I use Eskandar bath oils and love good, raw chocolate. So if you are ever stuck for a present, my likes and dislikes are clearly delineated.

Back to the Chandelier. I was telling Baptise, and it was gently floating over his head I feel, that I was feeling much more positive about the MAC store recently, having had to return a couple of things and the marvels of my new “thing” fresh in my mind. The very delightful waitress floated over to take our money and joined in the conversation: she had just bought a new lipstick from the MAC store and it was really good. She was surprised by the quality and they had really gone up in her estimation too.

Baptiste shut his eyes and sat back. I merged into the new dialogue seamlessly.

I am not yet alarmed by the prospect of going to Jaipur, despite the bombs there last night. But I am supposed to be working on the next two collections of clothes. And what am I doing? Stroking the puppy and writing weblog. Anything except what I should be doing. I will gird my loins and apply myself at once.