Life is getting faster. I know it is, and the boundaries between acceptable and not appropriate are fast dissolving.

There are busses wandering though traffic lights all over London that have a severed head in a tray on them. It is called SAW and is really disgusting. Each time I see it I feel ill.

I am a fully grown, fully experienced adult. What do kids, teenagers, babies and kids make of it? Why is there no watershed on what is appropriate on the side of a bus? Why is horror OK? When did it become OK? And who decided it was OK?

In the summer, Louis had got to the point where he was watching stuff that I di not like. The Lord of the Rings, the Fantastic 4 etc. Each time I caught a little I was uncomfortable. I stopped it and since then he has become progressively calmer and funnier. The desire to leap into adulthood appears to have diminished and he is a charming, light, happy kid.

All because I moved the walls. I took a step that made a wall between kid and adult. I stopped him seeing things that he could not understand. In that stopping he stepped back down into his childhood.

At 8am in the morning I do not want him to look at those adverts, neither do I want my 5 year old to take them into her consciousness.

What do I do? Is it just laziness on my part or can I have a voice? How? Advertising Standards? I want the voice to be bigger than that. I want to be able to stop all the totally inappropriate things that we now look at 24 hours a day that just send us all into tailspins where there are no boundaries, no barriers, no sense of self.