Horizontal meditation


Times are challenging, and that is without being a cursed hedge fund manager or JK Rowling. I know, I saw the front page of the Times, yesterday. But it is true, it is an interesting period for all of us.

There seems to be less and less spare time. Everything feels rushed and incomplete, somehow, certainly that is my experience. I just had a slow, sleet laden walk in the park, which was nice, my first for ages, but in the main, life whizzes past, and the notion that I am achieving anything is still just an ambition.

I do get up early and do lots of “yogic things” that help me a lot, but they are mostly physical. By the time I have reached the end of my practice it is time to move on, plus I hate doing it after 7am. So I do not get to do much meditation, really sitting and letting go. Allowing myself to dissolve out of my mind.
(A slight aside here: my mind is on a bender. It is totally determined to prove that it really is my worst enemy.)

To redress the balance, and to conquer the turmoil that has been raging all on it’s own, like an out of control Global Warming forest fire, I have taken to meditating lying down at night. Oh, God, literally, it is divine. Exquisite release from the endless mental clattering. It sounds, my mind, at times, like 100 football boots running on tarmac. I can lie down and disappear for hours at a time into one of several mantras and it is so fabulous that I am furious with my mind for allowing me to forget what a great tool it is.

But now I have remembered. I sometimes think I need to have all the tools tattooed in a long list down my arm and then have an alarm clock to remind me to look at them and then a handy fist to punch me into using them.

I am my own worst enemy and it is so boring.

On a lighter note, Tigger the puppy has not made friends with the other dogs. High alert still remains on.