I am not convinced


There are a few things that I am not convinced about.
One is Global Warming. While we sit and shiver in the July rainstorms, I notice that talk of Global Warming has diminished considerably. Almost totally in fact.
I am also not convinced it is all my, the consumer’s, fault. What about the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the thousands of flights traversing the globe, the burning oil wells, the 18 foot busses making a meal of the streets of London? What about all of that? Am I supposed to feel as though I am making a tangible difference if I turn off my mobile phone charger or my TV? I think not, actually. Neither of these things kill, main, choke and destroy the planet, but the vast corporations who pay zero tax, the Governments who can wipe out 1000’s in a moment, the air pollution; all of this is much more responsible and we are not looking at it all. Just letting them build new airports, blow up more people, sell air tickets for 10p and mindlessly go to war.

So that is one issue.

Another is: Do we really need to see images of a badly burned man on the front pages of the Daily Newspapers. It is deeply challenging to explain this need to myself, let alone my children. Are we now so gratuitously inured to violence that it is OK? And if it is not gruesome and disgusting it is images of celebrities who seem equally gross.

I am confused.

Apparently the way to make sense of it all right now is to read Mine Kampf. (Hitler’s Handbook) This explains how to hold a country in the palm of your hands by endlessly frightening them. If I order the book off Amazon will I go down as a troublemaker because I may have suddenly discovered the instructions for how to run the planet in the 21st Century? Do I dare? Will it make it easier if I know?

Questions, questions…..

I will let David Newman’s Divine voice calm it all down again. It seems a more fulfilling route.