seems like a good option right now. But life is not like that. Apparently in France a couple of hundred years ago, in an agricultural area where it was screamingly cold in the winter the men would hibernate, all huddled up together and sleep. The women and children got on with life but the men slowed down to conserve food. All comments at this point will be misconstrued, so I will refrain.
Another sign of me getting older and wiser.

But the quiet times bring fantastic hours sitting with friends. Since the new year I have spent hours and hours in great chats with friends I barely ever get to see and some I have not seen for up to 25 years! How can time fly so fast?

I feel as though this year could be really positive, but currently I am reviewing my instincts and have asked a numerologist for more clarity. I will pass on his comments.

The shop is a gentle sea of people coming and going who all want to chat and tell me how much they love it here. Great. It is great, but I must confess that I wish it was a wallet experience, too. No apologies needed, it is true, I do. But I am getting a lot done, including weblog, and the days fly by.