Going further


I am stepping into a whole new area. In september we want to make a Super Foods DVD. For the immune system. Eating for health on a serious level. Aimed at those with immune compromising illnesses. Baptiste has been going along this route alone for a long time. Now we are all going vegan. Such controversy. Being the mother of two small children. It will be interesting to see what comes up. Luckily they kids are extremely gung ho about it. Louis has already started inventing recipes, one of which has made it to the book. We are writing all that we try out so there is a good selection of ideas to choose from.

We started on Friday. It has been interesting, just these few day. We had been getting used to the idea for a while by making serious juices and only eating vegetables at night etc, but to really commit was a surprisingly hard step. I lay iin bed on friday night and really missed butter, and then got extremely grumply as the realisations of what I was giving up really hit me: Going to Borough Market and not having a wonderful cappuccino, no croissants, no cheese. I don’t think you can really grasp the consequences of something until you are in it’s lap. Like marriage and childbirth, veganism is a big step and not to be taken lightly. Lots of no thanks is involved. Lots of being clear about where the yes comes in.
I have already failed, though. I made a risotto for supper on saturday and could not cope without parmesan cheese. So I failed a bit. Quite a lot actually. I dashed to Fresh and Wild yesterday and bought two vegan parmesan options to try and stocked up on the japanese stuff. We had sushi for supper. The children rolled their own. It was great fun.

The reading continues apace. I am now deeply into a book about Food as Medecine. it was going quite well until the chapter I read last night where he thinks taking Human Growth Hormone and HRT are really good ideas. The list of daily supplements was hysterical as you would need to be mighty rich to comply, that and the cost of hGH coming in at a $1000 per month.

I am amazed at what gets suggested. Really I am. I cannot tell you how hard I have tried to wash my vegetables in bleach, but just cannot bring myself to trash the weekly shop quite so badly. I will run the idea of Human Growth Hormone past my husband. In this book he was quite clear that you had to weigh the benefits against the consequences……… delightful.