Get a grip, lady.


I was putting my five year old daughter to bed last night and made a comment. I cannot remember what it was, but her reply was “get a grip, lady”. Sweet.

Funny, too.

And it has been a nice day. Lots of people to lunch, good home cooking, laughing, playing and even half an hour of relaxing with a book with the complete co-operation of the children. Very sweet indeed. I miss them being babies, but really enjoy them growing up. Jogging in the park with Louis is just so divine. I love it. I just want to endlessly hug him and tell him over and over how exquisite the experience is. But I don’t. I zip it firmly closed and just enjoy the warm feeling inside.

My days next week are going to be taken up with the joys of getting the right stock out of India, and negotiating with the manufacturers about the excess of clothing they made for me and now expect to be paid for. This is something that I really do not enjoy. All the work, all the hours spent being really clear. Emails all written in block capitals, endless phone calls and it still goes awry.

But on the brighter side, business is good. The curvy side of the clothing is starting to take off, and we are increasingly becoming known for the generosity of our sizing. It is such a huge market, but it is taking so long to get widely found. All ideas for expanding our reputation are most welcome. Expensive experience has shown that advertising does not work, no matter how good the person selling the space, so I am moving away from this aspect, and looking at other options. It is an area that I do need to learn more about, marketing and publicity.

I have tried to make an advert on facebook, for the store, but despite innocent wording about a clothes shop, re-written 5 times, it is constantly disapproved. I find this quite amusing, and now turn my attention to learning more about how to get known out there. All suggestions widely appreciated. Getting a grip…