Great British Yoga Festival and other big things


We had a long meeting yeaterday about the GBYF. It was fun. The festival has been building up over the past two years and next year the theme is rather interesting. The number will be 9. Mastery and Mystery is the title. We now have to invite all the teachers we know we want and throw open the door to the others who would like to spread their wings. My task today is the invites and letters.

Otherwise I am hitting a few rough patches in the build up to two shops. I am over tired and find myself less well boundaried. I slept for 8 hours last night and do feel better, but to add to the fun I am trying to persuade, I am succeeding at getting, Isadora to sleep in her own bed. Four years on I think it is time she had her independence. She has been resisting. Not too strongly, but I notice that I was sleeping really lightly to hear if she was OK. Several days into the experience, I let it go and slept well.
I had a great dream about Yogi Bhajan a couple of nights ago. It was so real and vibrant that I can still see him so clearly. As usual, he was laughing at the antics. It does help to be light about all of it, when the teacher thinks it is funny. When I am over tired I have no defences against my mind. I find it really hard to stop thinking obsessively and it winds me up even further.

The journey towards a state of peace is a tricky one and it is important to be so watchful of the games that the mind plays with itself.

I like to dip into the news on the BBC website. There is a wonderful piece today about a Bollywood actress and her Bollywood actor partner. I cannot remember their names, but they are hesitating to announce their engagement because their horoscopes may not be compatible. So delightful. What a great way to plan your future. How many of us would be in marriages if theis was how it was decided?