Bulls and boys


Following on from the success of the previous night’s sage experiences I dried a much larger bunch and last night went around the house again with great plumes of smoke wafting everywhere.

It is an interesting experience, particularly as it really was dark when I did it again and I could feel for sure the 4 places where spirits are residing in the house. The sage has an interesting effect and increases courage but at the same time expands intuition. It was wild, and more than that I slept really well for the first time in 15 years. So I am now sold on the benefits of the herb.

We had a great morning on the beach. Somehow, and I am quite sure that it is nothing to do with me, the beach we go to is a gay magnet. It never used to be. It is a new thing. They all lie around like seal eyeing each other up all the time and fiddling with their packets, but on the whole it is a delightful experience, as a topless bather, to be surrounded by gay men who do not give a monkey.

After lunch we went to see bull teasing. It was a beginners day and not very exciting. I was getting bored and under my breath said “get on with it you pussies”. Louis heard me and shouted it into the arena. Oh well. Time to learn to watch my mouth, I guess. It was funny, though. Except Bapitste was furious, as he is from the region and all. Cudos, cudos.