The wheel is rolling


We had a successful day’s filming yesterday and even with a late start we managed to get all that needed to be done that day, easily covered.
Now it is rolling, the huge wheel of making a DVD, I feel lighter. There is no going back. Although I sat there, whilst teaching yesterday, thinking Oh God, I have made the wrong choice, everyone will hate them. Funny, and tragic, how powerful the mind is.
One of the people in the DVD is also interested in the mind and it’s games. We have had some great conversations over the past 36 hours all centred around the insanity that we listen to 24 hours a day, churning away inside ourselves, and about how long it takes to get any separation from it and see what it is rather than drown in the thoughts and the insanity.
This does not mean that people will love the work, but that I do know I made a good decision. I certainly put a lot of effort and thought into my choices.

Otherwise school starts on Thursday for Louis. It has been a good holiday. I have learned a lot about myself and other people during this time. It has shown me stuff about myself that still needs looking at, and also been a great time with the children.
I did not enjoy myself all the way through, I had to work an enormous amount, but the week after next we are taking time out to play. Get up late, go out at night and generally relax. Hopefully as much a possible involving the children, too.

I had great fun this morning doing yoga. Having sat cross legged all day yesterday from 9 until 7, I could not move my hips at all. I sat down to begin the morning session and yelped in pain. The next 30 minutes was spent releasing all the tightness and tension. Luckily, today, it is just my voice all day, not me, so I can sit normally and go back to full on yogi on Wednesday.