Other people


Fundamental mystics are starting to get a trifle annoying. There seems to have been a shift in the energies recently and a certain fundamentalism seems to be emerging.
It is not just in the far reaching joys of Muslim Extremism. It is emerging in other areas of life, too. The recent experiences with the Vegans, who increasingly seem to be a furious lot, then the Yoga Show illuminated a few others.

There is something about the endless apocalyptic messages that we are all living with, all the time, that is engendering a desire to reach some platform of perfection that is set by another. We seem to be no longer enough as we are, to be able to sit back and accept ourselves totally. There are now rules made by all manner of different communities and businesses that say “you must……. to be perfect, to be enlightened, to be enough, to be beautiful, to be accepted”.

It is becoming rather tiresome. Dates set in the future when massive “things” will happen. Take the end of the cusp between Pisces and Aquarius. Some time in 2012 there will be all manner of things happening predicted by all manner of Fundamental Mystics. Andrew Cohen and his personal idea of an emerging consciousness that will manifest then, or other teachers, multiple and nameless who predict the end of humanity in various forms by then. What about the fall of America, we have waited for that for ages, or the property boom, or the Stock Markets, or Bird Flu? How many wandered past ponds looking for dead birds for months? Terrorism. Another one. Endlessly waiting for buses to blow up in front of us. Yes, it did happen, but no where near what we have been led to believe it would be.

It is time to rebel. It has to be. It is time to sit back, put down the self-help books and to truly Be Enough As You Are. Stop being driven to be more all the time by a climate of fear. Fear that you will not be Enlightenend if you don’t wear this, sit like this, eat this. Fear that you will not be loved if you don’t look a certain way or buy the latest thing.

Stop chasing success with endless external modification. Stop giving all the power away to others.

Have a day off. Do nothing. Lie in bed, laugh, walk in the park, smile at people. Be enough. If we all did it, the economy of consumerism would collapse. Self esteem would blossom spontaneously, dominant Fundamental Mystics would be left talking to themselves and maybe we would all stop trampling on one another in the rush to get to the top of whatever mountain we are currently aspiring to.