Flying High


I feel as though I am roaring through my life at high speed. It is quite alarming.

I sat in the playground this morning and just grounded myself into here, today, right now. Watching the parrots playing, feeling the cold air, following the path of a white cat in the tree opposite and listening to the kids winding each other up. I refused to think about anything except what was in front of me and it was good. I have come back to the practice several times today.

I am working on approaching life with a smile, hope, humour and openness. It has gone quite well for the past few days. I know it will change/pass/get lost. Choose any of the above, but it does make a very real difference to what happens, how I perceive and how others perceive.

Something must be getting better around here, or maybe it is Balham rather than deepest Peckham, but the police signs here say;
”Serious Incident. Purse Snatch”, Or “serious Incident. Mobile Phone Stolen”.

What is that? It seems so lightweight. I am sure it is a horrid experience having your phone or bag taken, but really, they must have run out of storage space for signs at the local police station. Round our way it would be the most appalling litany of murder, mayhem, shooting, stabbing, all graphically displayed for all to crane to read as they fly by in that particularly South London Driving way.

Otherwise we are getting ready for Manchester. I do love it up there. I love the architecture, the size of the roads, the sense of grandeur that is all over the centre. Plus the people up North are a delight. Open and funny. I am looking forward to being there.