Floating through the Eagle Nebula


It was easy this morning, holding the meditation. I try not to look at the timer, especially on such a long meditation, but I resisted until I thought I was half way through and discovered that there was only 6 seconds to go. Wonderful. Time had folded.
It is so interesting, where the mind goes during meditation. Some interesting and relevant places, some moments where it is like driving and one cannot remember going through the lights and if they were red, then other moments when it feels like floating through the Eagle Nebula.
For me, the Eagle Nebula is the most Divine series of images. Taken in a series of moments, from the Hubble telescope, they show universes being created, black holes forming, entire galaxies and star systems that are just achingly beautiful.
During meditation, instaed of pulling the enrgy down inside, rise up and out into the still expanding Universe. Float into the heavens. It is quite wonderful, and time flies.