Nearly There


We have today and tomorrow left and then we have done it. The huge and monumental task will be filmed. There is still about 9 months work to go on it, but the filming and photography will be finished.

I only really realised the enormity of our task yesterday, when we were all talking at lunch about how to film the talks to the cameras and found myself aware that HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C are seriously big issues worldwide and there is nothing else like this around.

The people who agreed to be in it have been amazing. Truly fabulous. Their cc
commitment has been a real gift and I am very grateful.

I am starting to feel a bit tired, but have follow government advice all the way through and drunk lots of water. My bedtime is getting earlier every day and my wake up time too. I have to finish writing the texts for the intro and talks now. This part I feel insecure about. I have done most of it and now have to fine-tune the words until they flow smoothly.

I have worked all through August and I long for a break now. I want a holiday, and to lie in the sun, and what happens? The children go back to school….

Louis brought home a huge pile of school workbooks yesterday. Gosh, they were beautiful. Really wonderful colouring, drawing and writing. It was a pleasure to sit and go through every page. He took such delight in all of it.
We, I, have been thinking of putting him in the local school next door. There are lots of reasons which I will not go into now, but watching him last night and looking at the strength and beauty of the work, all iconic queens, kings, angels, fairies. I think it would be crazy to take him out of the system. So the question appears to have dissolved into the beauty of his work, a lot of which has a really mystical feeling.